donderdag 18 juni 2020

day 3 of 5: release

the theme for today became: letting go, release.

see this note-paper

let go
laten gaan 

laat maar gaan
just let it go

black lives still matter

igaz-ság (gaz-ember!) 
truth ( bad-person) 

look at me now & here i am
and with it all it is not preparation
kijk naar me, nu & hier ben ik
en al met al, het is geen preparatie

transformative justice
transformerende gerechtigheid

it became clear that release is not only certain "lines", and just one end: it is crucial what kinds of connections are being created, again not just linear, but overall, organic, energetic, how fully.

fallling became important, vulner-ability
how much can i let go of my safety, play in between falling & catching myself
how fully, how honestly, how much engagement

once again I was and am deeply grateful for everyone who came and attended this experimentation!
thank you to all (you) who made this possible :-)

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