vrijdag 10 juli 2020

post-thoughts, after-talk, after-thoughts

during yesterday's after-talk at Leeszaal Rotterdam West (dank & nogmaals warm bedankt) Joke van der Zwaard, who kindly supported and helped this project to be realized, asked what my results were of these dance-philosophical investigations.

the underlying 9 points are a first attempt, which will need to be further formulated.

rather than the mere 7 of Wittgenstein's inspiring Tractatus Logico Philosophicus I am happy that these points so far come to be 9, also used as the old medieval European number of the Holy Trinity x 3 = divine perfection ...


1. dance as the experience and communication of movement has its own specific aspects, just like communication that is based on the use of breath & vocal chords. ( = in some human cultures traditionally the only recognised “voice” “words” "literature" etc. - this view is by now sensorially and cognitively scientifically untenable)

2. dance is a part of our process of being alive, it includes movement (= kinaesthetic) sensing, thinking, dreaming, remembering, abstracting into (audio-) visual imagery, notation etc. like any other sensorial process

ad 2. just like cells multiplying, plants growing etc. our organic actions, have organic consequences which need to be taken seriously. there is becoming/ growth, life / activity, death, destruction / dissolution, recycling.

3. dance is a fundamental experience, as well as communication and expression of our state of being, since it involves our entire physical aspect of existing as organic beings, closely linked to proprioception, emotions, interpersonal = social interaction.

4. there is no anatomical division between body ( = our physical aspect)  and mind ( = the functioning of our physical aspect)

ad 4. because there is no actual division, all (repeated) actions, instincts, "life-hacks", stories, myths, rituals, art, science, fiction, dreming, are all parts of these needed actions to survive.

5. dance as a way of being involves the full organic vulnerability of our existence. in cultures that assign aspects of hardness or softness to certain groups of people ( e.g. based on perceived and constructed genders ) these qualities are associated with those groups ( compare for example = “feminine intuition”, homosexuality as an inherently “feminine” or in any case “non-male” quality)

6. to silence, withhold, frustrate, impede the organic functioning of our bodyminds is not only a matter of control that can help with temporary survival: if it is done wrongly it leads to aggression, imbalance, with all destructive consequences (compare Reich, Lowen, et al.)

7. to silence and obliterate the personal aspect of a person, including their sexual preferences and life, as entirely separate from their professional achievements is dishonest, blocks information and learning for others who are in need of this information, and all too often used for the above (6.)

8. any simplifying abstraction, formula, pattern is on the one side a necessary and elementary function of survival, culture(s) are the direct result of many of such patterns collected and practiced. however, any such abstraction ( e.g. resulting mono-linearity) is never and must never be confused, let alone absolutely imposed on organic and chaotic multiplicity. Queerness, and many other kinds of “otherness” are good examples of such failures, all too often with catastrophic results, both on a smaller and definitely on a larger (e.g. planetary) scale.

ad 8 (via M. Tuk, T. Horvers) - communication functions via abstraction(s) of sensorial existence ( = signs) that are re-translated while drawing from personal experience: this is their potential richness in the case of shared ( = comparable) experiences & their shortcoming / limitation as well.

ad 8. ad 8 - successful communication creates communion = shared, common wealth
this is why art gets destroyed and controlled the more totalitarian a government turns out to be. unfortunately such control often over-extends no-longer viable patterns of art / science / religion / communication / culture.

9. change remains possible. dance, as an organic function of the human body mind reminds of the chaotic existence and the balance with abstracted order, every day, every moment when we breathe, let go, re-tense, etc.

this post has also been on the accompanying blog new dance thoughts where many other and similar thoughts have been collected, also during this project

donderdag 2 juli 2020

day 5 of 5 : dance 舞

alle processen all processes
Lábán cross

de dansende mens 人 the dancing human being
(Keti Koti)

(micro-)organisme(s)       con·sens·us

atomen atoms etc. Quarks

met & buiten beweging-conventies (conveniences)
with & without movement-conventions (gemakkelijkheden)

beyond linearity
buiten lineariteit

Chanel No. 5 

connections & connectivity, atom, organic, personal
verbindingen & verbindtelijkheden, atoom, organisch, persoonlijk 

dans-talen dance languages
(Lucinda Childs & Co.)

vrijdag 26 juni 2020

day 4 of 5 : bodi(ly) lust

these were the notes right before the performance:

let it happen don't (en)force
laat (maar) gebeuren forceer het niet
感 聞 [sensing listening] [waarnemen luisteren]

persoonlijk personal
en toch sensueel and yet sensual  
lijfelijkheid     zonder dreiging
physicality    without threatening

私 [I, private]  [ ik, privé] 

adem vloeistoffen weefsel
breath  fluids tissue

(氣) qì energy energie 

the previous day :

from 0 → 1

(0) (0) (1) (1)
(0) (1) (0) (1)
 ↓                ↓
NO           YES

聞 [sensing listening] [waarnemen luisteren]
体 言 → 会話
[body  speak → conversation]
[lichaam spreken → gesprek] 
私 動 [I, private  move] [ik, privé  bewegen]
無 舞 dans [void dance] [leegte dans]

#5 → 人 mens  human?
体 [ body lichaam] lust

waarmeming, lichaam perception, body
beweging lust movement lust
ik ben, ik leef i am i live
亻human menselijk + 本 root wortel = 体 body lichaam

wat voor communicatie met anderen die ook leven in de omgeving 
what [kind of] communication with others who also live in the environment

ik spreek mijn lichaam spreekt
durf ik deze lust te uiten? 
i speak my body speaks
dare I out this lust? 

 0) dans over de dood, de afgrond, het niets
dance over death, the abyss, nothingness


woensdag 24 juni 2020

preparing for day 4

The more I read Wittgenstein, the more I realize he was trying to do something that Semiology (e.g.  de Saussure) were already working on : understand the mechanisms of our cultural patterns and how we (can) use them.

This phase of European Modernism has often been criticized as a result of the (Western) European-dominated colonial era, the meeting with other cultures, and a slow becoming aware of how one's own ways may not be the only ones desirable. Given the wars fought about even 'just' Protestantism, peasant uprisings, around the same time that this imperialist "New Age" had begun, the slowness may seem startling, but just one look at European right-wing (conservative-imitating) populism clearly shows that there is still much to learn, on an ever broader scale of popupations.

About the equations on this paper:

 0) = none over none = no existence or 無

 1 )  = none over some = truth, revelation, possibility

 0 )  = some over none = untenable, risk, into movement, lie ...

 1)  = one over one = meeting, dancing around each other?
          possibly into one, yes, existence ...
          but also, stagnation

           舛 oppose

私 - private
会話 - conversation

( the same sign in 'private' 厶 is also on the bottom of the first sign of 'conversation') 
(* meanings derived from the Japanese use of these Chinese characters) 

donderdag 18 juni 2020

day 3 of 5: release

the theme for today became: letting go, release.

see this note-paper

let go
laten gaan 

laat maar gaan
just let it go

black lives still matter

igaz-ság (gaz-ember!) 
truth ( bad-person) 

look at me now & here i am
and with it all it is not preparation
kijk naar me, nu & hier ben ik
en al met al, het is geen preparatie

transformative justice
transformerende gerechtigheid

it became clear that release is not only certain "lines", and just one end: it is crucial what kinds of connections are being created, again not just linear, but overall, organic, energetic, how fully.

fallling became important, vulner-ability
how much can i let go of my safety, play in between falling & catching myself
how fully, how honestly, how much engagement

once again I was and am deeply grateful for everyone who came and attended this experimentation!
thank you to all (you) who made this possible :-)

donderdag 11 juni 2020

day 2 of 5: more [personality]

yesterday pondering about Gaia (Greek deity as well as later a hypothesis and imaginary planet in a Science Fiction universe, where humans started to share their consciousness with each other, and came to realize they needed to include every life-form, as well as the 'non'-living parts in this consciousness) - cellular awareness bringing us on the same level as the first bacterial and viral forms of life on this planet, which we still can empathise with.

some first thoughts before going to the location
cellulair mede- bewust -zijn
cellular co- aware - being
 lichamelijk emotioneel voelbaar
physically emotionally sense-ible 
filosofische onderzoeken ( opsporingen) 
philosophical investigations
de bewegelijkheid in het hier en nu 
mobility here & now 
na het falen van de opgestelde en-bloc regels
van de Tractatus 
after the failing of the set-up en-bloc rules of the Tractatus (Logico-Philosophicus) 
culturele patronen zijn levende entiteiten 
cultural patterns are [like] living entities  
release fascia


helaas kon ik niet bij de opname van de video die live werd gestreamd
unfortunately I could not download the video that I had streamed live

het ene gebaar met de uitgestrekte duimen en vingers betekende
the happy thumbs-out gesture meant:
 * German: Wittgenstein was a gay pig (= sow) /said by me with full positive emphasis/

= according to historical sources, Wittgenstein had deeply internalized anti-(homo)sexuality toward himself, resulting in temperamental moodswings, which at one time killed one of his young students

then, modified

** Wittgenstein was (not) a gay sow 

= because his homosexuality is still 'debated', not mentionend, or put off as 'irrelevant'

when I literally took these hands to heart, I felt the consequence directly: entire body, but especially my feet became much more alive & subtle in their movement-ability
toen ik dit gebaar letterlijk en figuurlijk te harte nam, was het effect ervan direct voelbaar: mijn hele lijf, maar vooral mijn voeten werden veel levendiger en subtieler in hun bewegings-vermogen

vrijdag 5 juni 2020

day 1 of 5: start [body 体]

4 juni 2020
vragen vooraf / questions before the performance

wat als ik zwart was?  
what if I was Black?
had ik deze performance voor elkaar kunnen krijgen?  
could i have gotten this performance together?
gedurfd om te vragen?  
dared to ask?
de ruimte [zo makkelijk] gekregen?  
gotten the space [so easily]?
of juist bevorderd, als "wonderkind", eindelijk één ...  
or, on the contrary, been promoted as a "prodigy", finally one ...

mag ik doorsnee zijn, een van velen?
may I be average, one of many?
performance business as usual? terwijl de wereld aan het branden is?  
while the world is burning?
danwel linke hobby ... ?  
or a "leftist hobby"? [slur by rightwing Dutch politicians cutting arts 2011]

bewegings · denken   
movement · thinking

0     1
   +  1

A → B




ter plekke on the location

hoeveel ruimte en energie is [er] in deze situatie om mijn gang te gaan?
om m'n beroep uit te beoefenen?
tenmidden van iedereen die hier ook hun gang gaan & danwel hun beroep uitoefenen?

allen kwetsbaar ... respect + zorg

how much space and energy are [there] in this situation to do my thing? 
to exercise my profession?
in the middle of everyone who are also doing their thing & exercise their profession?

all vulnerable ... respect + care

video & photos by Ron Blom