donderdag 11 juni 2020

day 2 of 5: more [personality]

yesterday pondering about Gaia (Greek deity as well as later a hypothesis and imaginary planet in a Science Fiction universe, where humans started to share their consciousness with each other, and came to realize they needed to include every life-form, as well as the 'non'-living parts in this consciousness) - cellular awareness bringing us on the same level as the first bacterial and viral forms of life on this planet, which we still can empathise with.

some first thoughts before going to the location
cellulair mede- bewust -zijn
cellular co- aware - being
 lichamelijk emotioneel voelbaar
physically emotionally sense-ible 
filosofische onderzoeken ( opsporingen) 
philosophical investigations
de bewegelijkheid in het hier en nu 
mobility here & now 
na het falen van de opgestelde en-bloc regels
van de Tractatus 
after the failing of the set-up en-bloc rules of the Tractatus (Logico-Philosophicus) 
culturele patronen zijn levende entiteiten 
cultural patterns are [like] living entities  
release fascia


helaas kon ik niet bij de opname van de video die live werd gestreamd
unfortunately I could not download the video that I had streamed live

het ene gebaar met de uitgestrekte duimen en vingers betekende
the happy thumbs-out gesture meant:
 * German: Wittgenstein was a gay pig (= sow) /said by me with full positive emphasis/

= according to historical sources, Wittgenstein had deeply internalized anti-(homo)sexuality toward himself, resulting in temperamental moodswings, which at one time killed one of his young students

then, modified

** Wittgenstein was (not) a gay sow 

= because his homosexuality is still 'debated', not mentionend, or put off as 'irrelevant'

when I literally took these hands to heart, I felt the consequence directly: entire body, but especially my feet became much more alive & subtle in their movement-ability
toen ik dit gebaar letterlijk en figuurlijk te harte nam, was het effect ervan direct voelbaar: mijn hele lijf, maar vooral mijn voeten werden veel levendiger en subtieler in hun bewegings-vermogen

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